Do you need an additional monthly recurring income? Do you need to build real wealth or to protect your wealth or to leave a legacy?

The official unemployment rate is at 27.6% and we all know the actual figure this is much higher. If you are one of the lucky ones who has a job, how secure is this? Furthermore with inflation at it's current actual rate, you need a salary increase of at least 20% annually; so you need an additional income source that is actually a long-term wealth generating recurring or ongoing income business system!

PARTNER with this 3-year old Division of a company listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) for MORE THAN 60 YEARS, with a proven wealth-building system!

You can get access to this wealth building platform, business infrastructure & tools at NO COST for just taking one of their much needed products at less than R250 per month!

– Wealth building system through an industry first App available in the Google Play Store & Apple App Store

– Access to luxury offices in Bryanston, Johannesburg for all partners, including refreshments 

– Wi-Fi Internet access 

– Access to meeting rooms and conference facilities 

– Live stream internet meetings held for you to grow your business 

– Interactive website

– All admin done for you

Get access to this incredible wealth building system that provides you with the platform, tools and facilities to build wealth generating a recurring income by only taking one of their valuable and extremely necessary products starting at only R249 per month. They have 5 essential products, each industry-leading of which we will highlight these two:
- R1 million Accidental Death Cover for R249 monthly:

- R250 000 excl. VAT per case legal expense cover with lots of additional benefits for R249 monthly:

Every active product holder (any product) automatically has LegalAccess included at no additional cost:
  • Telephonic legal support for any legal matter, 24/7/365
  • Drafting of letters (eg. complaints, claims and demands), standard agreements (e.g. domestic worker contracts, child maintenance kit, offer to purchase agreements, small claims court kit, power of attorney, sale agreement, etc.)
  • Perusal and assessment of any legal agreement you are asked to sign
  • 30 minutes free consultation with one of Legal Guardians (Pty) Ltd Panel Attorneys, should it be deemed necessary to proceed with litigation
  • Discount of at least 15% on attorney fees, should you decide to proceed with a matter. (Applicable to Legal Guardians (Pty)Ltd panel of attorneys)
  • Discount of at least 15% on transfer fees (applicable to Legal Guardians (Pty)Ltd panel of attorneys)
  • Administration of Road Accident Fund claims
  • Bail assistance, up to R5 000 per incident
  • You can join now, see how it works – get your 3 paid connections in so that you are a qualified Wealth Engineer & get Paid!

    Set your 1st debit order for say the 25th of the month and thereafter for the 25th of each month. We get paid before the 20th and only the 1st month should be out of pocket. 

    With 3 people directly connected, you will already earn R165 monthly.  If this duplicates 3 generations deep, therefore your 3 personals, each connects 3 and those connect 3 each, you will be earning R1 400 monthly recurring. The same as saving R210 000 on a Fixed Deposit at 8% per year or imagine getting a net increase of this amount on your salary!

    Connect a further 2 that you help to get 3 each to become qualified Wealth Engineers and you can earn up to 5 generations, therefore: you have personally connected 5 that have connected 3 each, duplicated for 5 generations, you will be earning about R10 000 monthly recurring. 

    If your 3 also get a further 2 each that they help to get 3 each, therefore: 5 that duplicates for 5 generations, you will be earning more than R50 000 monthly recurring!  At this stage you would also have qualified for the Holiday and Car reward below!

    Quick Cash & Rewards!

    This is just the beginning: with our Rewards Program you, get rewarded for growing your business!  You can easily qualify for a yearly all expenses paid oversees holiday valued at R180 000 for you and your family every year; a fully paid vehicle valued at R240 000 and a lot more. 

    This will explode your business:  

    If only 3 of the 10 people you introduced each connect 10 people directly to also qualify for the Achiever Quest and 3 of those they introduce also each do the same, you will earn R10 065 monthly.  I think you get the bigger picture here! 


    Please note: This is a Personal Summary Page and NOT an official representation of DuePoint - please visit their official website at:

    Contact: Bruce at 082 446 9216 or at for any further information.