Your Road Map To Financial Freedom

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Phase 1: Only for South Africans

By partnering with a multi-million Rand company that has been listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) for more than 60 years and following our “5 to 50k” system we are able as a team working with only 5 like-minded people to build up a passive residual monthly income in excess of R50 000 in 5 to 9 months!  

Feel free to explore and click on the relevant options and to write down your answers for your own record keeping and to submit it so that we can assist you to succeed with us.

Phase 2: International Program

ShopFreeMart: This is a very exiting program where you can join FREE and refer others and earn!

Register FREE so that your team will follow you once they have earned their 1st R2 100, as the paid Freedom Package is only $152 (about R2 100) once-off and you get $166 worth of products and you only pay for the delivery, which is $17 to South Africa.  The Freedom Package earns you $420 000 with only 3 people introducing 3 to be FREE, duplicated for 9 generations, 

All In One Profits (AIOP):

To build up solid Dollar based income, we have chosen a very stable and exiting company and we are in actual fact using their system in hosting this website with the autoresponder and lead capture pages.

With this exciting program you will have ALL the tools to succeed online and you can earn a phenomenal income with only 4 like-minded people and even more with 5.  You can slot your people into this program once they have succeeded in following the 1st 2 phases of the above South African Program.  If you are outside South Africa, this program will be ideal for you and a good tool and base to promote any other program.